Silent Remote Installation of Mozilla Firefox 3.x


This is an example of how to deploy firefox remotely to your windows based domain client machines using psexec with proxy settings. First you need to download the latest 7-zip from here: after you have that installed find your firefox installer package. As of this articles writing the name of this file was “Firefox Setup 3.6.4.exe”. Right-click on it and choose the menu item under 7 zip called: Extract to Firefox Setup 3.6.4"

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MYSQL Replication: Changing a Slave Database Server to be a Master


Our webservers use a database backend which is also replicated to two other servers. In the even that there is a failure then one of the others can take over. was not doing well and was also the master in a mysql replication setup with two "slave" servers. One older ( and one basically new ( The need was to make it so oldserver1's master status was passed onto newserver and oldserver2 would look to ne for slave updates.


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Can the Conflicker Worm be removed?


Over the last few months I have seen and heard or quite a few computers infected with the "Conficker" worm ( also know as Downup, Downadup and Kido). It is truly a nasty piece of software that ingrains itself so far into the system that it has been impossible to remove from any of the systems that I had not personally secured myself with the steps I outline here. That one machine the person had actually clicked on the "yes" button to install the worm. Luckily it was with the non-administrative account and I was able isolate the files and remove them.

I did some research around the web on so called removal instructions and came across Microsofts...

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Drupal Load Balancing


When being responsible for more than one site you being to worry about the time when things go wrong and how to avoid downtime of sites you are in charge of. I read a pretty good article about clustering and scaling a drupal website ( and I have been implementing some of the things that are suggested.

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Symantec Backup Exec Remote Agent 12 on Ubuntu Hardy


In a previous post I mentioned how I was able to get backupexec agent running on Ubuntu Feisty. Recently, we updated to verion 12 and I just wanted to share that this method worked well for me in Ubuntu Hardy also. It was a little easier because the debs that were converted with alien just updated the previously installed packages smoothly.


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