Xubuntu - Where is the Printer Manager program?


Xubuntu is a version of ubuntu linux that is good for low end systems. I am typing this entry from such a system. It is a PII 266, Micron Transport TREK II laptop with xubuntu installed on it. Anyways, I was confused when I was trying to add my network printer to the system setup. So instead of pulling my hair out I installed Gnome CUPS Manager like this...

sudo apt-get install gnome-cups-manager

This installed the "Printing Manager" item in the Accessories menu

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OCS-NG Inventory Agent Install on Dapper Server


These are the steps I took to install the agent software from http://ocsinventory.sourceforge.net/

All of this is done from a terminal via SSH.

Ubutu Linux - OCSNG_LINUX_AGENT_1.0RC3 Install Notes

Change to root...

sudo su

Switch to /opt...

cd /opt

Download the agent...(I put this on one of my webservers for convenience)

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Google Trends


I just came across an interesting Google feature. It is called "Trends". It lets you search for different terms and gives you a chart comparing how much the word(s) have been searched for with Google's search engine.


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Notes from CECA 2006


I attended the CECA 2006 conference yesterday (www.ceca-ct.org). There were many excellent workshops on a wide variety of educational technology. Below are my notes from the sessions that I attended.

Keynote Links

Presentor: Davide Warlick
Handouts: http://handouts.davidwarlick.com/
One of the main points of his presentation focused on the legitimacy of the information that we find on the internet. The site martinlutherking.com was used as an example. Even though the site looks legitimate on the surface, if you look at the webmaster’s email address the domain is actually from a "White Power" Site. The information that used to be presented to students before the Internet was mostly legitimate information (Library resources mostly). Now, what the Internet has added is a need for teachers/students to be able to discern what information is legitimate and called “truth”.

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If you are a Student or Teacher, What Operating system do you want on your school computer?

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