MACOSX - Remote Software Update at the commandline


This is something I came across. It would some in handy if you want to update your macosx machine remotely.

Note: I claim no responsibility for your PC if you try this and have problems...

First you have to have SSH running on the computer. To do this open System Preferences, then click on sharing and check off Remote Logon. This enables the SSH server on port 22. In older versions of OSX you cannot control which accounts are allowed to use this service. So to configure this you would open a terminal and type the following...

sudo pico /private/etc/sshd_config
and add a line like this...
AllowUsers YourUsername

So after that from an ssh terminal as an adminstrative account...

sudo softwareupdate -l
(To list, updates)
sudo softwareupdate -i -a
(To install all)

There is more detailed information on this site...

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Transparent Proxying and Unrestricted Hosts...


For anyone out there that is implementing transparent proxying/filtering on their network that might need to allow certian hosts unrestricted connections this is what I did...

Firewall in use: Smoothwall (http:/ 2 Network cards on an old Pentium III box that someone was throwing away.
Modifications added...
-Dans Guardian w/ Antivirus (
-Privoxy (
-AdZap (
-Advanced Web Proxy (

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This is a very useful Presentation Software.  It will capture the screen as you do things, allow you to add Text boxes at any frame you like and then export it all as a compressed Flash Movie.  I just used it to make some demonstration movies in my Moodle workshops. The best part is that it is Freeware for personal use.Web site:

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What is the Problem with Windowsupdate? (Part II)


Well finally there is a Knowledge base article detailing how to fix the problem with the windows update services not working in an Active Directory Domain. I followed the steps outlined here: and now updates are once again being deployed to the computers.


This article is no longer available for some reason. This is what it told you to do...

Open Group Policy Editor

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Advanced Spybot Usage


I posted a document on using some of Spybots advanced features in my Moodle. If you are wondering about this program and some of the things it can do to help keep your PC clean of Spyware then check it out over here.

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