My Projects

Projects I Have Been Working on...

I do so many different things here at Berlin High that it makes me dizzy at times. Here are some of the things that I have worked on in an attempt to provide useful content on the website.

  • EduZone - The EduZone is a compilation of educational links for both teachers and students. This is a work still in progress, but you will still find many good things.
  • Alumni Discussion Forum - This one took some learning to get the ASP scripting and the e-mail component working, but it was a worthwhile endeavor.

  • Searchable Alumni Database - This is a compilation of some of the knowledge I have gained in ASP web applicatioin development.
  • BHS Tech Help Site - This is a collection of pages (Mostly Outddated now) I have composed in an effort to provide a service to the users. The content is for beginners and advanced users and also covers both MAC and PC. Newer info is in the FAQ section of the site.
  • Szone Archive - These are some of the old looks you have seen here. Note: I do not maintain the links on these pages.
  • Justice for Poultry Workers Website - This is a website I laid out for a Graduate student who had received a grant to do the research.