Symantec BackupExec 12.5 RALUS on Ubuntu


Although backup exec 12.5 does not officially support Remote Agent installation on Ubuntu I have had success installing it on my Ubuntu Hardy servers. Just download the agents from Symantec File Connect and extract the contents. Then go to this folder: BEWS_12.5.2213_LINUX-UNIX-MAC-SAP_AGENTS/pkgs/Linux/VRTSralus/ Inside is a file called VRTSralus.tar.gz. Extract the contents of that and you will see a .DEB file that you can install on a debian based system (VRTSralus-12.5.2213-0.i386.deb).

Install that as root like so...

dpkg -i VRTSralus-12.5.2213-0.i386.deb

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Symantec Backup Exec Remote Agent 12 on Ubuntu Hardy


In a previous post I mentioned how I was able to get backupexec agent running on Ubuntu Feisty. Recently, we updated to verion 12 and I just wanted to share that this method worked well for me in Ubuntu Hardy also. It was a little easier because the debs that were converted with alien just updated the previously installed packages smoothly.


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Symantec Backup Exec Remote Agent 11d on Ubuntu Feisty


I found a very helpful article on installing the Remote Agent for Linux on Ubuntu here:

Below are the steps I used on Feisty Server. Note: Change to root first: sudo su (as the admin account)

1. I registered my serial numbers and downloaded the latest .tar.gz for all agents. (called BEWS_11D.7170_LINUX-UNIX-MAC-NT4_AGENTS.2.tar.gz at this time.)

2. Changed the port that webmin was running on (if you have it installed)

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