Deploy Adobe Flash 10.1x with ARD


 For some reason unbeknownst to myself Adobe decided to stop releasing flash player for Macintosh as a package sometime this summer. This is very inconvenient when trying to deploy the player on multiple machines in order to push patches to security holes in their software. With a little poking around I found that the package is in the download you just need to extract it. To do so...

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MACOSX - Daily Software Update Check


I mentioned in a previous article that you can use cron to update your macs at scheduled times. The drawback with this is that if the machine is not on at that time the task will not run. So as an alternative I noticed that in 10.4.x there is a script that runs daily. So instead you can add your softwareupdate command in this...

sudo pico /private/etc/daily

Scroll all the way down to the bottom and put this line in...

softwareupdate -i -a

CTRL+X to exit, say yes and overwrite the file

You can test this by running...

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MACOSX - Setting Proxy & Home Page Setting Globally in Firefox.


This is another commandline trick.

First to set the Proxy settings we need to edit the file called all.js in the greprefs folder and find the line that starts with proxy.type. Here is how to do this...

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MACOSX - Remote Software Update at the commandline


This is something I came across. It would some in handy if you want to update your macosx machine remotely.

Note: I claim no responsibility for your PC if you try this and have problems...

First you have to have SSH running on the computer. To do this open System Preferences, then click on sharing and check off Remote Logon. This enables the SSH server on port 22. In older versions of OSX you cannot control which accounts are allowed to use this service. So to configure this you would open a terminal and type the following...

sudo pico /private/etc/sshd_config
and add a line like this...
AllowUsers YourUsername

So after that from an ssh terminal as an adminstrative account...

sudo softwareupdate -l
(To list, updates)
sudo softwareupdate -i -a
(To install all)

There is more detailed information on this site...

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